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For over 40 years, Alarme Trans-Canada has designed, installed, and supervised a wide range of high-tech security systems, such as anti-intrusion alarms and fire protection systems.

Today, ATC remains one step ahead within the security industry, focusing on the excellence of the products it installs, the quality of services, and the rigorous management of its central station, equipped with the most sophisticated.

Offers a Range of Premium
Quality Services

On an ongoing basis, the Alarme Trans-Canada Ltd. team remains faithful to the mission “Your safety, Our priority!” and offers the best prevention tools against theft, home invasion, fire and others.

It is by making prevention its daily priority that it can protect families, business people as well as various public and private organizations in Quebec.


The services offered by Trans-Canada Alarm Ltd to its customers cover a wide spectrum of security needs: residential, commercial, industrial or other protection.

Our alarm center is U.L.C approved (L.A.C – Underwriters Laboratory of Canada) and has valid professional liability insurance coverage. Our alarm center also offers a technical support service for times when you face technical problems.

We offer a complete range of standardized and tested 24-hour monitoring products and services.

At Trans-Canada Alarm Ltd, we use the latest technologies, and we choose our products from among the best manufacturers in the industry, to provide you with a protection system that will remain completely intact.

Your security needs are unique, and we are here to guide you in choosing your different services. Your needs are unique.

Our experts are available to answer your questions or in case of emergency.

Security System

Our security professionals can help you choose what level of security is necessary for your individual space and needs. You can always start with a basic alarm system and then add additional modules as needed.

Video Surveillance

Whatever the type and size of your residence, company or establishment, etc., a video surveillance system represents a highly dissuasive approach and therefore a key solution in preventing theft, vandalism and intrusions into your residence/property. primary or secondary.

Fire Security and Protection

Contribute to the protection of your family, employees, etc,; And Notify you in time of any detected presence of smoke or fire.


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